Binary Options Assets

One of the unique aspects of binary options is that you can trade a wide range of asset classes in the same place, and no other product offers such versatility. The asset classes in question are currency pairs, commodities, stocks and stock indexes. Each broker has its own asset index, here we show the tradeable assets in general.

Currency Pairs

As a binary option trader you can trade the major currencies as well as a few exotic currencies. Of course all currencies are quoted against the US dollar which is the reference currency, but some brokers also offer a few pairs against the euro. So the major currencies are the US dollar, euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar and Swiss Franc. Other more exotic currencies you will encounter are the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krona, Turkish Lira or South African Rand.

One advantage of trading currency pairs is that their market is open 24 hours a day so usually you can place a trade at any time. Also there is some trading occurring during the weekend. These are very liquid markets so you will see price changes happening regularly, except for the more exotic currencies. This provides for good action on your portfolio of binary options.


The three commodities offered by all brokers are crude oil, gold and silver. These are hot commodities so to speak, as there is always a piece of news in the world that will affect their price on a regular basis. Gold can be interesting to trade in relation to currencies as it is considered a money in itself, in particular a refuge against inflation. Silver is also a precious metal following gold. Crude oil is a fundamental variable in any macroeconomic model so it is a sensible asset as well.

Some brokers offer a few other commodities beyond the three just mentioned. For example platinum is another precious metal. On the other hand copper is a metal (but not a precious one) used a lot in construction. Corn, wheat, sugar and coffee are agricultural commodities with very volatile prices depending on weather conditions all over the world.


Dozens of stocks from major global corporations are to be found as underlying assets in the binary options market. You will trade stocks from Europe, North America and Asia, and even if you are not a professional investor you will recognize most of the names. As these shares are all huge famous brands.

To name a few you can deal with Google, Ebay, Barclays Bank, Coca Cola or Goldman Sachs. But also names like Tata from India, Baidu from China, Videndi, Turkcell, Banco Santander, Total, Mitsubishi from Japan and many more.

As there is always some event affecting one or more of these stocks, you are guaranteed to find an opportunity to trade a stock binary option profitably.

Stock Indexes

Finally you can also trade stock indexes from all over the world. Among them there is the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq, the S&P 500, the Nikkei 225, the DAX, the CAC 40, the FTSE. And more exotic indices like Dubai, KLSE (Malaysia), the Hang Seng (Hong Kong), the Kospi (Korea ), the Bovespa (Brazil), and more.

Here again this is a wide choice of country indexes to choose from and such a large variety is only possible if you trade binary options (unless you work on Wall Street).

Many assets to choose

All together you will see more than 100 different underlying assets from four asset classes in the binary markets. And no other market will let you trade that many types of assets with so much simplicity.

If you are interested in the economy, financial news, market events, products or political events, then all the above assets will move in accordance with macroeconomic data globally and locally. This is why it is so interesting to trade binary options.

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